Star: A-List Trainer Michelle Lovitt Reveals Her Most Common Celeb Request! Hilton Worldwide Mindful Eating Tips with Michelle Lovitt Ultimate Flat Belly DVD Mind Body Connection: Defining Wellness ASICS Suitcase Crunch Asics: World Series of Beach Volleyball Training ASICS Volleyball Training Tips with Kerri Walsh Jennings: Ball Roll ASICS Volleyball Training Tips with Kerri Walsh Jennings: Dynamic Plank ASICS: Volleyball Training Tips with Kerri Walsh Jennings Medicine Ball Slam ASICS Foot Ladder Drill AOL: Drop 10 Detox Allover Toners Oakley Women: Squats, Lunges, & Bicycle Kicks: Hotel Series, Part 1 Oakley Women: Planks, Abs, & Glutes: Hotel Series, Part 2 Oakley Women: Burpees, Deadlifts, & Supermans: Hotel Series, Part 3 Oakley Women: Plyometrics, Burpees, & Squats: Hotel Series, Part 4 ABC7 Los Angeles Asics – The Lunge Asics – The Ball Roll Out Asics – Foot Ladder Drill Asics – Dynamic Plank Asics – Medicine Ball Slam Self – Lauren Graham Sizzle Reel Self Mtv Buzz Crazy Custom Fit Video VH1 – September 2013 – August 2013 California Life – March 2012 Star Workout at Janet Crown & Gerstein’s Burn 60 ABC News – A Cougar Workout E! News – Power Plate Studio with Michelle Lovitt 2009 TV Guide Network – Building the Hollywood Body 2008 E! Network – Michelle Lovitt with Julie Harrah 2006 E! Network – Michelle Lovitt with Amber Valleta 2006 Pushups with the likes of Courtney Cox at Janet Crown and Drew Gersteins Burn 60 Drew Gerstein And Janet Crowns Gym: Burn 60 As Featured On TV Lovitt’s Moves from Janet Crown and Drew Gerstein’s Burn 60 Cindy Crawford Uses Power Plate Pro-Tips 4 U – December 2010 TV Guide – February 2008
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