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Event Calendar and Event Calendar Pro full support out of the box.

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The theme uses a flexible template builder that enables you to create unique pages and posts.

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Support for the great plugin WooCommerce.

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Help Desk with one on one email and ticket support and dedicated support staff ready to assist you.

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What Theme Customers Say?

  • Peter Krause
    "Michelle Lovitt is much more than a personal trainer. She not only got me into great shape, she helped rehabilitate my injured shoulder and helped me improve my diet. So, I guess I can say she was my trainer, physical therapist and nutritionist. My strength, stamina and sense of well-being were greatly improved from working with her she helped me lose fat and gain muscle. It is hard work with Michelle but she makes it fun. It is also fun to say her last name in contempt at the end of a workout, 'See you next time, Lovitt!' Haha.. She is the best!"
  • Courteney Cox
    “I love training with Michelle because she has so much energy and enthusiasm and her knowledge of the body is incredible. Every work out is tailored to your specific body type. You are sure to accomplish your goal with her.”
  • Lauren Graham
    “Michelle is a joy to work with. Her fitness knowledge is incredibly valuable, but her true gift is her ability to inspire clients to achieve their goals. With infectious enthusiasm and a positive attitude, she leads by example, inviting you to believe you can not only improve, but may even surpass your own expectations.”
  • Julianne Moore
    “I loved working with Michelle – she is professional, knowledgeable and made my work-outs very concise and effective. I was very pleased with the results in a very short amount of time.”
  • David Duchovny
    “Michelle is a joy to train with. She has both the winning personality and the in depth knowledge of various training methods that ensure that you will never get bored or hurt while you suffer and get in shape. She listens to you and is flexible to your specific needs and goals as well, which is not as easy to find in a trainer as it sounds.”
  • Mary Louis-Parker
    “Michelle has a life force that could infuse the most unmotivated or exhausted person with energy. She works tirelessly and without attitude to make you feel and look great. Getting up at the crack of dawn to see her sweet face is something I always look forward to, and I know will be worth my time and make me a healthier, stronger person.”
  • Yvonne Strahovski
    “Michelle is the most amazing trainer on the planet. Her inherent knowledge of the human body and how it works inside and out gives her the ability the sculpt anyone’s body into exactly what they want. She also has outstanding expertise on food and nutrition and has taught me not only how to exercise my body in the most effective way – but also how I can maintain my body through diet in the most efficient and healthy way possible. Michelle’s training WORKS because it’s based on a lot of study on her part and, of course, the results can be seen in all her clients across the board.”
  • Laura VandervoortLaura Vandervoort
    “I have discovered a new religion when training with Michelle. The ‘Lovitt-ness Inspiration.’ My mind, body and soul have been enlightened and strengthened. Not only is Michelle a powerful soul and an encouragingly strong woman…but she is also a ray of light even at the earliest of mornings. Michelle is the type of personality we all want to be around and emulate. I’m inspired by her positivity when training with her and I feel I have a text book of knowledge and understanding at my side. Within minutes of training she knew my strengths and weaknesses and devised her brilliant and exhilerating plan to build and strengthen, tone and sculpt."
  • Amber Valletta
    “Michelle is the most knowledgeable trainer in the fitness industry. She has so much enthusiasm and passion for helping you achieve your optimum physique. Michelle has a gift for changing your health and body in a fun and loving way!”
  • Olivia Giannulli
    "I started to notice real change in my body when I began training with Michelle. She is such a ball of sunshine & motivates me to be the best version of myself. Michelle has so much knowledge surrounding nutrition & fitness and I seriously adore learning new facts from her. She always changes up the workouts to keep it new and entertaining. I feel 100% confident that I will accomplish all my fitness goals with Michelle.. and this is just the beginning."
  • Eve
    Michelle is the best!! Her energy and passion are infectious and makes you want to do the best and better than you think you can. She really cares about what she does but most important she cares about you as a client.
  • Crystal Reed
    “Michelle is not only a walking text book on human anatomy, but she possesses an extensive knowledge on how to connect the mind and body. This lends to her incredible ability to motivate, inspire, and get your ass in gear! When working out along side her, you feel her strength and its make you push yourself. On top of all this, she laughs, smiles, and thwarts you into a healthy lifestyle. Michelle looked at my body and knew in a matter of seconds the right workout for me. We achieved incredible results! Michelle, I love you!”
  • Angie Akers, Professional Beach Volleyball Player
    “Michelle has contageous energy and a level of knowledge that far outreaches any trainer out there. You won’t find someone that cares more about your personal development and growth than Michelle. She knows how to keep you on course through injuries, personal struggles, setbacks, and challenges. Her ability to adapt to different situations is amazing. She will keep you focused and wanting to work out every day. If you want to know what your biggest asset in any training program will be, I can assure you, that asset is Michelle!”